5.  Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) – Star Wars

Before going to work at AC Spark Plug for the Titan II Missile system in 1962, I felt that I wanted to bring something of value to my new employer.  To my knowledge, lasers did not exist at that time.  So I believed that if sunshine is bounced back and forth with conical mirrors, then a laser beam could be created.  Such a laser system could be installed in space, and I believed that a laser beam of approx. 2 inches thick could destroy missiles at some long distances.  In order to be effective, numerous laser satellite systems would have to be installed in space, and would be controlled by a ground control complex.  Considering the speed of enemy missiles and large numbers, I calculated the time required that the laser satellite system would need to focus and lock onto each target and the time required to disable the electronic guidance system or burn a hole into the missile itself, and locate and focus on the next missile target.  My evaluation indicated that a maximum of approx. 200 long-range missiles could be destroyed at that time, but short-range missiles of approx. 600-mile range would be difficult to destroy due to the short-range time factor.  I also realized that these space based laser satellite systems could also be used directly as weapons to destroy military facilities and major operations centers on the Earth’s surface, and automatic laser beam adjustments would be made to compensate for any atmospheric diffusion of the laser beam.  It seemed that laser beams of 4-inch thickness were possible.   

I emphasize again that at that time I believed that our government was truthfully engaged in valid defense concerns against Russia, and I believed that I should do everything in my capability for this country, while I was aware of some unpleasant episodes in the past.  Unfortunately I experienced that our defense system was badly flawed, and I was being mistreated and my life was threatened when I considered of contacting President Kennedy about our missile defense system vulnerabilities.  Then I disregarded the government, and just concentrated on developing my own commercial products, but I was ever since under continuous electronic surveillance.  My determination of producing many worthwhile products appeared of great interest to the government, and the government appeared to show me that no matter how much I tried, that the government controlled every company and corporation through one way or another.  I simply would not believe this was possible, and I continued my efforts to interest many companies with new potential products with patent rights, or just to have a decent paying job.  Absolutely nothing worked, and I remained under continuous electronic surveillance.

Sr. Mfg. Engineer Star Wars 1985


As Sr. Manufacturing Engineer for the Airborne Optical Adjunct (AOA) project at Aerojet Electro Systems, I was involved in the analysis of the project concept, facility design for 3,500 employees, manpower requirements, capital equipment justification and procurement, the writing of a comprehensive manufacturing plan, and the design of an environmental testing facility for focal infrared sensors, digital signal processors, printed circuit boards, cryogenic clean rooms, and test integration procedures.  I participated in the development of an 80-foot long graphic presentation of the Optical Data Acquisition process and the “On-Board Operations Command Center” for review by company management, Boeing and army staff.  This project involved Aerojet, Contraves, and the Boeing Company.  The Boeing Company provided specially designed 737 planes.  The planes were to be equipped with an optical focal sensor, infrared sensors, supercomputers and an airborne command center for detecting launched missiles 2,000 miles downrange.  My research and calculations to meet the specified capabilities of 2,000 mile downrange detection range could not be attained because of constant gimbal and sensor movement, mechanical tolerances of multiple moving parts, plane vibration and movement, including atmospheric distortion to optical scanners and infrared detection systems.  My recommendations to improve these problems were not adequate because the basic concept was badly flawed.


I requested verification of the SDI System requirements from the Army, but the Army cancelled our initial contract for $64 million, and the Army could not produce a functional concept.  My research indicated that the maximum functional range was limited to only 500 miles, which was of course totally inadequate for initiating any effective missile countermeasures.  The Army gave the contract to Hughes Electronics, a division of General Motors.  The experts at Hughes Electronics were not able to provide a functional system either after 7 years of research, because of the flawed concept; besides, certain measures can be utilized to make missiles undetectable from infrared sensors.   Optical sensors have limited value, including from space-based satellites.  The problem was to acquire simultaneous data covering a large landmass area at all times.  This is similar to finding a needle in a haystack.  This was not even given any consideration, and I could not openly question these problems without risking termination.  In actuality I was not allowed to do my job.  


President Ronald Reagan proudly announced the allocation of $1 Trillion for the Star War’s Missile System.  But from what I had seen, the funds were not used.  But instead it appeared that the money might have been used to dismantle the communist party in Russia, by retiring the military leaders with good retirement packages.  I previously made several comments that it would be advantageous to take $1 Trillion and offer retirement packages to top political officials in Russia.  We could have taken a few more steps toward mutual economic cooperation and development.  Under no circumstances would I disclose any government secrets, or anything that would harm this country.  But, then I feel that it is my obligation to act in the national interest as necessary, when the government is deceitful and is not acting in this country’s interest.  


Solutions have to be implemented to deal with the world population, world energy, world food supply, world employment, world housing, and medical care. This should be enough to keep the military industrial complex and the Pentagon busy for a very long time with an impending  9 billion world population.     


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