3.Titan II Missile Guidance System & Cuban Missile Crises

                 In 1961 AC Spark Plug Div. of GMC asked me to go to Vandenburg Air Force Missile Base as a member of the Field Service Dept., but I declined to go.  The company then scheduled me to take an accelerated Missile Guidance Course that was attended by approx. 14 persons that included Missile Launch Control personnel.  The instructor informed us that the defense department had missile target tapes for any scenario, including the bombing with nuclear missiles of European countries, including England, Germany and France, in case Russia were to invade or bomb the Western European countries.  The course included the run-up of the launch control computer system in the lab.  The computer system was supposed to be functional and operational, but after 20 minutes the entire launch control operation could not be brought up to launching mode of a missile, even after a drawer was yanked out of the computer and another standby drawer was inserted.  A number of standby drawers were sitting on the floor next to the computer.  The computer system was designed by MIT and had large diameter coaxial cables and regular voltage circuitry.  The electronic components would deteriorate with age and usage, and eventually cause electrical feedbacks that blow out other electronic components and circuitry, and cause the missile launch run-up to be kicked down repeatedly several steps.  This gave me serious concern about the operational effectiveness of the entire missile system in a crisis situation. 


                In the main lobby of our Air Force Reserve Office Building, I obtained about a dozen pamphlets showing an actual scaled cut-away section view of the entire Titan II Missile Silo and missile complex.  I decided to pass these pamphlets out at our office.  Our department manager and others were upset that this secret material had been released to the public, and I was lectured for passing out these publicly available pamphlets to our staff who were working on the Titan II Missile System.  I was ordered not to pass out any more pamphlets.  Every employee was told to walk fast at all times and carry some papers or books, including to the rest rooms.  

                When I worked on a proposal for appropriation of electronic missile support equipment for approval and funding by the secretary of the air force, I was reprimanded, because I made a specific effort to inform the secretary of the air force of how the electronic missile support equipment functions.  The dept. editor changed my proposal around to a point that the secretary of the air force did not know what he was signing the checks for.  Among other things, I quit my job in disgust. 

                During the Cuban Missile Crisis, I was called to active duty, and we had B-47’s loaded with nuclear bombs standing by in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and my reserve unit was to leave for Cuba.  My job was in intelligence, and worked for the intelligence captain, who was a judge in civilian life.  I had requested in advance maps and information about Cuba from 10th Air Force located at Selfridge Air Force Base in Michigan, which were delivered about 2 months later and dropped off and left next to the runway, without any notification, and the 10th Air Force plane simply took off.  Three boxes were marked “SECRET” and were sitting in the rain for several hours and were found by our Air Police.  Our Air Police were searching various offices before contacting me and delivered the secret Cuban material to me.


                President Kennedy challenged Premier Khrushchev with a full nuclear missile war, and demanded the Russian missiles had to be removed from Cuba.  This became very alarming to me, because I knew that most missiles would malfunction, and obviously Russia had the same problems, and in order to launch a meaningful missile strike, both sides the US and Russia would launch numerous additional missiles.  This then would become an all-out nuclear war between Russia and the United States.  I estimated that 200 nuclear bombs from the US and 200 bombs from Russia would annihilate the Northern Hemisphere, and any more nuclear bombs would almost kill the entire human race with excessive radiation contamination.  It was expected that nuclear facilities would be targets.  Our air force reserve unit was to leave the next day to occupy Cuba, but President Kennedy cancelled the invasion the day before we were to leave. 

                Obviously I wanted to contact President Kennedy, but I knew at the time that I would have trouble getting through to President Kennedy, and such information would without any doubt be suicidal, and I would be killed.  I realized that our military leaders had deceived President Kennedy, or the President himself was dangerously bluffing Russia in a suicidal scheme.


                During my basic training in the Air Force, a Catholic chaplain instructed us about the morals of killing enemy soldiers.  The chaplain stated that enemy soldiers are forced to engage in killing, and the soldier’s job is to kill or be killed.  The chaplain stated that our government and the president are making decisions that are in the best interest of our country.  It has to be understood that the government leadership at times make decisions that are not necessarily appropriate or correct.  But in view of the overall objective, decisions are made that may cost many lives and massive destruction, including tactics that involve sacrifices and destructtion within the United States.  All this is acceptable for the good of this country, and the president and military decide and make such important decisions.  Our government agreed to mutually assured destruction (MAD) in case we launched nuclear missiles against Russia by mistake.  This means that Russia or our government would allow or conduct the destruction of some of our cities and including the population if either nation launched nuclear missiles.   It was not funny for President Ronald Reagan to joke:  “We start bombing Russia in 5 minutes.”  Fortunately Russia was not trigger-happy and did not launch a first strike against the USA. 

                My study of computer logic and an accelerated missile guidance system in the early 1960’s developed by MIT provided me the competence to evaluate our national missile defense effectiveness in a war situation.  My research analysis indicated that 70% to 80% of all missiles could not be launched due to computer malfunctions involving high voltage coaxial cables and integrated circuitry linking the computer with the entire airborne missile guidance system and ground control electronic system with the launch control complex consisting of 6 or more missiles.   

                 In 1963, I already researched solutions to this problem, and I considered the use of fiber optics in order to isolate various high voltage electro/mechanical missile guidance operations from multiple computer functions.  Fiber optics and solid-state circuitry did not exist at that time. Low voltage circuitry (micro-circuitry) and circuit boards with the use of fiber optics could link several computers together without causing harmful electrical feedback that would result in constant malfunctions.  The MIT computer at that time was capable of producing only 1.3 million bits per minute, whereas my system could produce over 120 million bits per minute.   


                At that time, and for the most part I believed that our government was telling the American people and the world the truth about communism and the Russian Missile Threat.  But the Secret Peace Negotiations were not for peace, but instead were plans toward a nuclear war, nuclear proliferation, and arming the world with more weapons.  Why would our government and Russia hold Peace Negotiations in secret for over 35 years with no meaningful results toward mutual cooperation and sensible peace efforts?  This was unacceptable to me, and this was obviously a fraud, because I know that generals do not engage in peace negotiations, because Peace Negotiations are the job of the state department and representatives of our government, not the generals.   

            I did disclose to some persons of our missile failures, and I wanted to avoid a nuclear confrontation with Russia.  Wisconsin Senator Proxmire demanded a missile readiness test from then Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird from Wisconsin.  The secretary of defense was ordered to conduct a missile readiness test in 1967, and the missile readiness test proved that 73% or 76 % of all missiles could not be launched.  At that time the defense department authorized funding to the University of Mississippi for training hawks and mynahs to steer missiles.  Crazy!  To steer Nuclear Missiles?  Really?   

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                I used to be Assistant Experimental Engineer at American Motors Corp. at age 22. My position involved the assembly operations of the entire car body on the assembly lines, and my position required frequent plant tours.  Besides some design work, my responsibilities included the assembly supervision of new models on a surface plate, the experimental body shop, and the sealing of the unitized car body construction, etc.  

                During my call to active duty during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, I was evaluating the design of a small jet plane of the size and shape similar to a car body or station wagon for defense/commercial applications, and as well as for national/international security as a means to provide such superior military dominance and technology, that Russia would find the Arms Race useless.  The United States Government could make peace offers involving lucrative economic development projects, and we could mutually reduce military spending by 50%+, depending upon actual mutual cooperation initiatives.  If this peace plan could not be implemented at that time, then NATO and/or the UN could take some economic measures involving international trade sanctions, and NATO could also be supplied with these small jet planes with weapons, and Russia would be faced with more isolation from the world.  The US already had approx. 8,000 to 10,000 nuclear bombs. The arms race with nuclear missiles would come to an end by such an overwhelming force of small jet planes from NATO and United Nation countries.  If Russia refused real peace initiatives and meaningful economic cooperation, then these peace negotiations would be made public worldwide, and the rest of the world would enjoy economic prosperity, while the people of Russia would ultimately defy the oppression by the Russian government.  But our government was totally against such plans, and would not allow this to happen under any circumstances. 

               This small military jet plane could be sold at that time for approx. $40,000 to $60,000 each, whereas an average military jet plane costs over $10 million, plus huge maintenance and military support personnel costs.  $10 million would purchase approx. 165 to 250 of these small jet planes.  $1 billion = 16,500 to 25,000 jet planes.  A disclosure was made to every president since Pres. Lyndon Johnson and top administration officials including the secretary of defense, but I was always given the run-around.  Often I was told that confidential disclosures are not acceptable, or that more information was required, so that they know all my design details.  This was total nonsense, and I claimed ownership rights, which they refused to grant.  A presidential directive states that the White House cannot legally release any private and confidential disclosures to anyone else.  While the government denied me these worthwhile research and development funds, I also worked for a company that received R&D funds from the government to build machines for producing an automotive product, which were purchased by a car manufacturer.   

                Even more electronic technology could have been available in the 1970’s than we have right now, and we need not spend half the amount of money for the military and defense worldwide, while we had clearly military and economic superiority in any event.   

               While we easily could have doubled our economy and exports, Russia and Eastern European Countries were in dire need for our technology and needed 1,000’s of miles of highways and roads, 1,000’s of agricultural equipment and machinery, warehouses, cold storage plants, food processing plants, food store chains (Safeway, Albertson’s, Kohl’s), pharmacies (Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid, CVS), department stores (Sears, K-Mart, Penny’s, Target), housing development, and complete distribution and infrastructure.  The US could easily have provided high paying jobs for every US citizen. Our companies and corporations could easily mass-produce another 20% and offer these goods and products at discounted prices to Russia and Eastern Europe with a profit of 15-20%.  A computerized mass marketing, shipping and distribution system would have made our products very affordable in Russia, Eastern Europe and many other countries.   

                Large-scale economic development projects and natural resource exploration with Russia would have yielded huge mutual benefits.  Natural resource exploration in Russia reportedly amounted to only 3% to 5%.  Over 95% of Russia (12 time zones) has been unexplored.  How could our government be so dumb after the collapse of the Communist Regime, and not keep their promises to Russia after the Communist Party breakup.  We could have used all their scientists and engineers for our mutual benefit.  Russia appears to have substantial oil reserves in the arctic region.  According to scientific research the poles of the earth have reversed themselves a total of 5-7 times, the equator had changed locations several times, and therefore, more oil is located in more inhospitable areas, and in unexpected regions.  Vacuum insulated and heated oil tanks; rail tank cars and tankers could be used for transportation of oil, with a combination of heat-traced oil pipelines if properly designed.  

                In the last 10 years, the world has been spending over $1 TRILLION annually for military and defense.  If the world’s military spending could be reduced by $500 billion annually, and if we would have invested that amount into economic development and trade, then the world would make steady economic growth, and provide stability for a more peaceful world for the first time in 100 years.   

                In 1963, I realized that the US and world would run out of oil eventually or shortly, and oil should be conserved.  The only energy alternative to oil is hydrogen obtained from the oceans, which contain 11% hydrogen.  Salty ocean water contains 11% hydrogen, and fresh water contains 10% hydrogen.  It has to be remembered that oil, gasoline and natural gas is hydrogen being combusted in a reaction with oxygen.  Hydrogen cannot be consumed or used up.  When hydrogen and oxygen are combined, it causes only a combustible chemical reaction and heat.  The regeneration process of hydrogen is the most important and valuable scientific research and development for many energy applications such as cars, trucks, buses, small planes, electricity generation, and most energy requirements for the sustainability of the industrial world and future civilization.  History will record some time in the future, that the regeneration of hydrogen is perhaps the most valuable research and development ever conducted, because many more hydrogen applications have yet to be developed.   

                My proprietary energy research was disclosed to top officials of previous administrations, but every time I was asked to provide complete detailed information without obtaining the requested research and development funds, and some information has been illegally given to some corporations.  With the consumption and depletion of fossil energy, the industrial world is facing a major economic decline.  The economic decline will proportionately amount to the depletion and consumption of remaining available fossil fuel deposits, unless other energy sources, particularly hydrogen, are developed.   Needless to say, hydrogen with other reaction elements would be highly explosive, and need to be designed to be tamperproof for safe usage for any applications.   

                In 1964, I evaluated any possibility for a commercial electric car.  The dissipation of electricity during sub-zero temperatures and driving up steep hills on snow, or ice-covered roads makes an electric car very impractical.  Globe Union Battery Co. did build several electric cars that did have a limited range on flat roads.  The problem was that not enough electric power plants could be built to charge all the batteries for electric cars of some 130 million cars plus trucks.  The energy of gasoline compared to electricity for propelling a standard car is very substantial.  But what about trucks?  From where is the electricity going to come from coal fired plants or nuclear power plants?  To charge all these batteries, would require a huge new national electric power grid.  Either way the air pollution from coal or radiation emissions makes electric cars impossible. 

                President Nixon disclosed publicly that the government would fund the construction of 2,000 nuclear power plants.  I disclosed to senate and congressional committee chairmen that this country could not possibly pay for 2,000 nuclear power plants.  Not only that, there was not enough uranium in the world, and much of the uranium comes from Czechoslovakia.  Furthermore, I stated that radiation concentrations during 2-week weather inversions or periods of air stagnation along the entire Eastern Seaboard coming from the western states and Midwest would deposit dangerous concentrations of radiation over the entire population of the East Coast, and would contaminate the food supply, animals and population.  As weather inversions and air stagnation are annual occurrences along the Eastern Seaboard, the accumulation of radiation over a period of years would cause cancer and would affect the immune system and will have genetic effects to the population.  Then President Nixon revised his statement and said that we will build 1,000 nuclear power plants.  As we can see today, this has not happened, and we could not trust our President Nixon, the leader of the world.  At the present we have approx. 104 nuclear power plants.  Current estimated uranium supplies will last between 20 to 30 years. 

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                An article in the Milwaukee Journal newspaper in the 1970’s stated that a high occurrence of cancer appeared in the direction northwest of the Milwaukee area.  I wrote to our Milwaukee senator or congressman that the cancer must be coming from the radiation that is released from the nuclear power plant in La Cross, Wisconsin located on the Mississippi River.  This nuclear power plant was one of the first nuclear plants built.  Shortly after, this nuclear power plant was shut down. 

                Large corporations received billions of dollars from the government, such as the coal gasification plants or oil shale processing plants.  The natural gas reserves are not adequate as a future energy source, and coal gasification is not a sensible process.  An engineer in 2001, who worked on the design of fuel cells told me that the fuel cells use reformulated natural gas, and that does not make much sense, because the process consumes and wastes too much natural gas, in order to produce usable hydrogen for cars.     

                On one project in 1973, I was working on the design of a refuse and garbage gasification plant, for reclaiming stored natural gas in garbage for a large corporation.  Some scientists with PhD degrees had developed the process.  I was told to proceed just with the plant design, but should not be concerned with its function, because the process had already been developed. But when coming close to completion of the plant, I told the project manager to inform this corporation that garbage contains approx. 70% to 80% paper, and all the gas or hydrogen was already  bleached out from the paper at the pulp and paper production plants at the paper companies.  Very little or no gas could be obtained from any remaining garbage in digester tanks.  This corporation then pulled their commercials from television, and no plants were built.   

                My intentions are to reverse the present abhorrent inequities and social plight in this country, and I ask our government to give me the financial means to make this country energy independent if possible, and to supply energy at the lowest energy costs possible for the maximum benefit to all citizens, companies and corporations.  It is of utmost importance to produce cheap and an abundance of energy immediately, because this entire country is so totally dependent on energy.  We do not have that much time, and it is best not to wait until the last minute, because usually we have seen that many projects do not work as planned.  There are obstacles to overcome from various interest groups and financial organizations.  It will take a substantial amount of years and money to reverse our present industrial/economic decline. Again I have to emphasize that special interest groups and organizations  will cause many difficulties.  It appears that I will need the full cooperation and support from all businesses, the government and the American people, in order to accomplish this national undertaking.  Too many hands in this national energy independence project will not produce the required results for low energy costs, and too many hands in the pie will only dilute the expected benefits.  The government has been aware of the energy situation, and has wasted so much time.  This is a legitimate concern we all should share, because many jobs are at stake. 

                If large multinational corporations were to own my hydrogen and hydrogen regeneration process, then they would make every effort to keep this country and the rest of the world in poverty and bondage with their exploitive operations.  Finally, we are becoming aware of how important energy is to the industrialized world.   

                Cheap energy in the present industrial world is as important as the supply of food for every human being, and is of utmost importance toward the sustainability of future generations.  Therefore, energy should be produced as inexpensive as possible, and in abundance to and for all countries.  Hydrogen and its future applications are truly immense, and the future potential cannot be realized at this time by many scientists, until it becomes readily available, and only then, the door is opened to a new era in history, provided that the military is not allowed to go crazy like it did with the atom/nuclear research and nuclear bomb development.  If that were allowed, then the world would experience a replay of the atom and nuclear weapons, and we see a renewed threat to humanity with more sophisticated hydrogen weapons, bombs and wars.  In 2004, our USA military was only 10 seconds away from launching our nuclear missiles.  How can that be rationally explained? 

               While fundamentalist religion in the USA are striving in favor of producing a steady death-march toward eventual “Armageddon and Rapture” scenarios, many people have to be very watchful, and have to make certain that such lunacy has to be permanently abolished, if the human race is to survive.  The United States does not have to look for enemies in other countries, because we have enough enemies right here in this country who seek to provoke “Armageddon and Rapture” by any means.   This is real, because in 1988 I had received, and had in my possession a plan that was developed by a number of fundamentalists and a list of millionaires who planned to convert and take over the world to Christianity by the year 2000.  A number of names were listed.  This plan was so crazy, that I would not want to be known to be in possession of such a lunatic scheme.  These people had acquired the patent rights to “Cold Fusion” in hopes to control future energy sources to the world.

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