2.   Background & Experience

Came to the United States in 1953 from Germany.  Taken courses in English, Air Craft Engineering, Commercial Law, Business Administration, Air Force – Administration, Air Force Reserve (Intelligence), Technical Illustrator, Technical Writer, Mechanical Designer, Assistant Experimental Engineer-Body Engineering Dept.-American Motors Corporation; Technical Writer-Missile Guidance System for Titan II Missile System-AC Spark Plug-Div. of General Motors Corp; Product & Machine Designer for food wrapping & packaging; Project Coordinator, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Engineering Supervisor, Engineer-Research & Development, Consulting Engineer, Plant Engineer, Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Chief Engineer, Project Engineer, Sr. Project Engineer, Engineering Manager, Manager of Engineering Operations.  

Major projects involved plant automation and manufacturing, Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Water Desalination Plant for Saudi-Arabia, Electric Power Plant Expansion, Brewery Expansion, Paper Company Automation Project, Supervised Paper Converting Machine Design Projects, Roofing Shingle Plant Modification, Snowmobile design and field testing; plant automation project proposal for catalytic converter manufacturing for Engelhard in Huntsville; Design and proposals of high speed parcel sorting machines for U.S. Post Offices, JC Penney’s, Montgomery Ward and luggage sorting machines for airports; Design of truck mounted extendable conveyor for loading/unloading cargo planes, Design and Layout of Manufacturing Plant & Proving Ground Facilities for Bradley Army Tank; Sr. Manufacturing Engineer for Aeronautical Optical Adjunct (AOA) (Star Wars Project) at Aero Jet Electro Systems; Design of Large 6,000 ton/day Cement Plant for Ecuador; Supervised Design and Engineering of Mineral Processing Plant; Managed Engineering Project of Flue Gas Desulpherization Plant Project for Coal Fired Electric Power Plant; Managed Engineering Project of (2) Mineral Processing Plants for Chile; Managed American Engineering & Equipment Supply Plant Project of Dual-Use Coke Plant & Electric Power Plant for India, et cetera. 

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