17.  Personal Comments 

Presidential and Executive Orders have a time limit of 7 years.  Therefore I have resubmitted my confidential disclosures within every 7 years to the presidents, cabinet members, and other members of government.  The underlying reasons for doing so was to keep the highest government officials accountable within the bounds of established laws and directives.  Thievery, dishonesty and criminal activities in politics is a common practice and standard procedure.  None of my disclosed information is secret.  Whatever technological secrets our government possesses is simply of no interest to me.  Our top government officials have been informed and they consistently denied me any federal R&D funds or contracts.  NASA stated in writing that my research does not involve national security, and I can contact foreign companies and corporations. 


I have noticed that the Patent Office cannot be trusted either.  A patent application can be held up for years, while information is given to selected companies for research and development, who then file patent applications with altered or faked dates of initial research documents that are certified by notary publics.  Many companies pay universities to conduct research, and even pay for a university curriculum in science of a particular industry.  Many patent examiners can be “friendly” to companies and corporations, particularly if patent applications involve valuable potential products.  In the last 35 years, companies and corporations formed daisy chain operations worldwide, and conducted research, development and manufacturing in foreign countries in order to circumvent US patent laws, or to manufacture products in obscure countries with new company names.


Geoffrey Ballard, pioneer of fuel cells was warned by a former oil company executive that “the oil companies are ganging up on you,” and the oil companies would lose their control over the lucrative transportation and energy markets.  … despite a history of ruthless suppression of competition, the industry’s reluctance to embrace a “hydrogen economy” is somewhat more complex.  The U.S. automakers and oil companies became openly hostile.


A large conglomerate decided to transfer our valuable American Technology to India, and I had to do the technology transfer.  I told many persons that we will lose our jobs, and many engineers lost their jobs shortly after.  This conglomerate made 15 times more profit within a period of 5 years, but that was still not enough, even when we were outsourcing steel fabrication and manufacturing to South Africa and South America.  Their greed had no bounds. 


About 20 years ago, an engineer wanted me to join him into a new business of automating manufacturing plants using computers and computer programs.  The plan was to design computer and robot operated machinery for fully automating manufacturing plants so that even the lights could be turned off as well as the air conditioning. These automated manufacturing plants would be programmed to operate 24 hours per day, and 7 days a week.  General Motors had 85 robots sitting in a warehouse and were not being used.  I realized that I could develop a basic system (boilerplate process), with some modifications; this basic process could be used in scores of manufacturing plants.  The result would be that many thousands of jobs would be eliminated, but I could not bring myself to do that.  This engineer told me that we would become very rich, and he was angry that I did not want to be involved in this scheme.  He told me that employers had shafted him all his life and everybody can go to hell, but now was his opportunity to become very rich.


The American people would support drilling for oil in ANWR or offshore areas if faced with dire economic consequences of scarce food supply, massive unemployment, and if transportation is reduced by 30%, or more.  In general, people object vehemently the historically huge profits oil companies are making amidst huge unemployment, increasing poverty, and impending energy wars.  Senator Harry Reid stated on 4/21/2006 that Exxon-Mobil is making a $2.00 profit per gallon of gasoline when the average price was $2.79 per gallon.    The defense department (2 million employees) and military are the largest consumer of oil in this country.  For over 35 years, the oil companies should have seen that air pollution will pose a major problem worldwide, and should have taken measures themselves to reduce air pollution, as they are marketing the product that causes a large amount of the air pollution problem.  The electric power industry and nuclear power industry should also be held responsible for the CO2 emissions from coal and the radiation emissions from nuclear power plants.  Obviously, if these companies do not care sufficiently about their business operations to provide safe products and services to this country and other countries, then ultimately the public will demand that these companies be forced out of business.  We simply deserve better from our government and corporations.


Unfortunately the American public is not being adequately informed by our news media. General Motors owns the Opel Automobile Company in Germany. The Opel can produce up to 50 miles per gallon, but Genaral Motors refuses to improve the gasoline mileage to 26 miles per gallon in the USA. General Motors instead has been terminating thousands of employees in the USA, while expanding their manufacturing and hiring many people in India.


The Bush administration’s opinion is that the business establishment will develop new energy processes without any government funding and without government intervention.  To run an $11 trillion national economy that is totally dependent on diminishing short-term fossil fuel and nuclear energy, and then to develop the hydrogen energy era by the business establishment without government financing is illogical and outright foolish, due to the demands of high profit motives by the current speculators and Wall Street, while many small companies and businesses are already financially strapped with debts and low profits.  The Bush administration currently cannot provide more than one (1) hour of electricity for 27 million people in Iraq, then how are we going to manage our energy needs that are approximately 30-40 times that of Iraq?  The present situation requires that we all work together, and not against each other in order to survive and usher in a new era of freedom from tyranny and unreasonable exploitation.  This does require a large amount of money, which I do not have.  It would be in the interest of individuals, investors, financial institutions, businesses and corporations to voluntarily support my efforts, which in turn will benefit everyone permanently in the future.  Any generosities, contributions and grants are graciously appreciated and will be applied toward the specified intended activities. Perhaps the enthusiasm, initiatives and activism of our citizens in the 1960’s can be brought back again on a more permanent basis with an abundance of opportunities.   We certainly do not need and can do without the nonsense of Armageddon and the Rapture lunacy.


Supreme Court: Nixon illegally spied on US Citizens

and CIA staged Viet Nam War

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This is very painful to me, as I had far greater expectations and the overall social and economic progress that could have been possible, are now fleeting away amid a planned never-ending war with 40 to 60 concocted enemy list of countries, in order to control the world economy, the world oil supply, globalization, and to scare and threaten people/countries with nuclear war, or with Armageddon and Rapture lunacy plans at the highest level of our US government.  The United States was known for standing up for human rights, freedom and democracy.   This is very painful.  Our government and this country would have been far more successful in every respect if 70% of world military spending amounting to $700 billion annually could have been applied for economic development in this country and worldwide in conjunction with NATO and the United Nations.  We easily could have had full employment, and our companies and corporations could have been 2-3 times more profitable, and we would not have a debt of $8 trillion. 

Our standard of living would have been truly incredible and unparalleled if our government and corporations would allow most other countries to prosper as well, instead of controlling and denying countries economic advancement, and denying them a better future.  Instead of consumers, our government and corporations create massive unemployment and poverty on a global scale.  The world has 4 billion people unemployed or earn only $2 per day or less.  Worldwide 24 million people die of starvation every day.  While many countries are now scrambling to secure energy reserves, the world economic conditions are not expected to improve for some time.  All of this only means that we will not be able to handle or absorb the onslaught of worldwide economic reversals, or to maintain our standard of living.   We have a habit of ignorance and complacency, but if wrong decisions are made, then we can experience substantial pain and suffering.  Is this how we expect capitalism to work in the future? 

Then I also have major concerns regarding my energy research and products of ultimately falling into the hands of manipulators, dishonest politicians, greedy companies and multinational corporations.  If I do receive funds from our government, I can expect deliberate underfunding, interference, tactical delays, trickery, subversion, undermining and deliberate acts of intimidation in order so that billionaires and friends gain control of these energy resources.   I have grave concerns that many underdeveloped countries will be plundered of their natural resources without due compensation.  Mr. John Perkins “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” states that countries are plundered of their natural resources and are usually paid less than 10% for their natural resources.  In the USA we would not tolerate such exploitation either.

Therefore I have considered establishing a management organization that will maintain a trust to provide energy and construction/housing investment operation that is locally based on a state-to-state wide basis.  The aim is to provide more local independence, local investment, local employment and local sustainability with more local control. This would provide a better economic distribution and prosperity throughout any states, and this country.   Over 20 federal agencies were involved in federal housing many years ago, and very little is being accomplished.  Over 30 years ago every federal agency produced less than 10% in actual results from their annual federal appropriations, and the lowest was about 3%.  Over 90% is wasted within the federal bureaucracy and produces no economic value.  This is not a good deal for the American taxpayer.  The housing industry is artificially inflated and far too costly and functions on the basis of what the market can bear.  In order to provide prosperity, all housing, food and daily necessities should be made available as inexpensive as possible.  This was promised by all scientists and our government in the 1950’s.  

If or when my concrete panel housing construction operation is proven functional and concrete construction with imbedded vacuum chambers is certified by meeting all national housing construction standards, then I would invite investors from local and state pension funds, local infrastructure businesses, and individuals to invest in a well managed, and locally responsible fair housing and fair energy business operation.  As this would be a local, state and federal financial operation that operates with no financial risks to investors, then this is a considerably better investment than the risky stock market, and this minimizes recession fluctuations.  Return on investments would equal the Federal Reserve interest rate offerings of bonds, federal notes and certificates. 

We truly have a very serious financial problem according to the Comptroller General, the Treasury Dept., the Concord Coalition, and many financial experts.  I do not even know if I am able to obtain the necessary financial funds from the government to do the necessary job for our energy independence, while I have to face so much dissention and opposition from many political, industrial, financial interests and institutions.  The United States financial and economic system is based on “planned obsolescence” of replaceable products and short-term profits.  

We now have become a worldwide community, and we have become dependent upon other countries for resources.  Then it is sensible that we have to make peace with all countries – finally.  Perhaps if we make major efforts to supply inexpensive energy to many countries worldwide and rapidly, then we may be able to travel anywhere in the world without any concern of terrorism.  If we set in place a system of mutual cooperation and fair economic development with all countries, then we will all prosper together.  Capitalism can be made to work, as it is supposed to work, if all people reasonably participate and share in the hard earned economic benefits.  We should try this instead, because our present foreign policies are all disasters and failures. 

In November 2005, it became obvious that oil depletion and energy started to become a major world political issue, therefore I started to compile this disclosure, and since then, my computer crashed 8 times, several pages and documents strangely were deleted from my computer, changes in sentences strangely appeared, while I am working on my computer off-line, suddenly internet web pages appear, including web pages in the Chinese language. 

I stated that oil deposits are located in Russia’s Arctic region and in the Himalayan foothills of India previously.  On February 7, 2006, a news report stated that India is now drilling for oil and is building a 1,000-mile oil pipeline, and Russia is drilling for oil in the Arctic region. 

Several persons told me many years ago that I should leave the USA and go to Germany, but I told them that I have lived most of my life here.  This is a very large country and ultimately I should succeed in spite of any problems and threats upon my life.  I have found that most or all US companies and corporations are fearful of government reprisals, or are afraid of being ruined and persecuted if they do not comply with the wishes of this government.  Regardless, my products are of such high economic value for the USA and other countries, that I have to make every effort to produce them.  My products could eliminate our national debt, if our government would stop generating even more debt.  If our government would manage our economy properly, then all our citizens would have an abundance of good paying jobs, and a good future. 

My products have great international and worldwide potential and I would be interested to accept government funding as well as from potential investors upon completion of satisfactory test results.  Any financial contributions from individuals, companies and corporations  are welcome and appreciated. A complete world energy analysis would provide answers for needed financial funding and future energy investments. The USA can change its present economic decline with my type of products for energy independence.   Welcome and join me in this effort and let us start to build a better global future.   Thank you. 


In order to avoid a worldwide calamity, it is important to forestall impending world crisis’s before they occur.  Conflicts over oil in the Mid-East, Africa, Asia and South America, have worldwide economic repercussions.  When inexpensive hydrogen energy supply is provided from the oceans to all countries, then worldwide economic progress can develop, and defense/military spending can be drastically cut, when international unity is established.  The human slaughter and carnage will continue on a larger scale with nuclear weapons, until people demand international cooperation, economic development and massive cuts in military spending world-wide.  Vacuum chamber building construction could reduce deforestation by appprox. 40%. There are enough natural resources to satisfy this planet if we do not waste these resources.  Only a fraction of the world has been explored.  Greed and unreasonable exploitation enforced through the military are the cause of all global unrest and global economic problems.   








Thank you.

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