13.  Multi-Bladed S-Rotor Savonius Windmills

Hydrogen is the most important energy source and can fulfill all future energy requirements.  But hydrogen requires a substantial amount of development, production facilities, and marketing operations nationwide.  Nuclear power, coal, natural gas, wind, solar, and any other energy sources are either non-renewable, or are limited energy sources. 

In 1982/1983 a Canadian company planned to build large Darrieus windmills having 220 feet high masts, and the Southern California Edison Co. wanted to build Darrieus vertical axis wind turbines and horizontal axis wind turbines.  I produced manufacturing cost estimates of these windmills, but at that time, wind power was not a lucrative business venture. 

In 1985/1986 I designed a new type of bearing with seals for a machine with a hydrostatic torque variator.  This new type of bearing allows the entire weight of a Savonius Type Multi-Bladed “S Rotor” to float in oil, or on a film of oil, and is suspended in a new type of pressurized oil bath bearing design.  Multi-axis Savonius Windmills of 40 foot to 100 foot high that float in oil, or on oil film will have minimum friction, and will generate electricity with minimum wind velocity.  The efficiency is substantially better than other windmills.  The hydrostatic torque variator allows this windmill to operate at lower as well as higher wind velocities than present windmills.  Small Savonius windmills of 8 feet to 40 feet high can be produced for individual houses in remote areas, farms, villages, towns, factories, office buildings, rural areas, and agriculture, etc.  Larger size windmills of 40 foot to 120+ foot high are ideal for villages, towns and cities, and can produce excess electricity that can be fed into the national power grid. 

These windmills are relatively inexpensive, but require to be built and tested for endurance and to withstand high wind velocities and girational stresses for long-term operation, and to provide minimum maintenance costs.  Being under constant electronic surveillance by our government, it is difficult to conduct further research, or to conduct actual development.  General Electric Company is now involved in windmills and windmill farms. 

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