9. Nuclear Energy – Radiation Containment 

While working as Chief Engineer on various types of stainless steel tanks in 1983/1984, including a portable oil transport tank used in oil fields, and the manufacture of a critical stainless steel compressor housing for submarines, I started to design a vacuum chamber tank for the containment of radiation.  As nuclear engineers have not been able to contain radiation, and it has been a large problem for nuclear power plants and nuclear waste disposal, I concentrated on the containment of radiation.  I designed a double and triple chamber vacuum tank that creates a static electrical field within a vacuum chamber and with enhanced methods to repel the radiation from dispersing from a vacuum environment into the atmosphere.  The vacuum chambers create a neutral space environment, which will allow the repulsion of radiation, and containment of radiation is achieved.  Very high levels of radiation concentrations over a period of time need to be researched within vacuum chambers, including new disposal processes.  Nuclear waste then can be effectively stored with vacuum chamber radiation containment methods. 

New types of nuclear power plants with vacuum chamber radiation containment methods can be built that use spent fuel, or fission nuclear fuel that will produce sufficient steam continuously for 60 to 80 years or more.  Multiple vacuum chamber radiation containment tanks or buildings would contain the radiation. The steam drives turbines and generators, and produces electricity. A number of steam generators (8) or more are installed and are ready to go on line.  Whenever an operating steam generator is shut down and taken out of service, then the next steam generator is automatically placed on line.  Some nuclear power plants can be designed to operate 2 or more steam turbines and generators simultaneously.  With a reverse osmosis process, the steam is converted into water and re-used in a continuous cycle.  These new nuclear power plants may cost perhaps 30% to 40% less, compared to present multi-billion dollar nuclear power plants.  I will reject my nuclear power plant designs in case they fail to meet the stringest safety requirements, or fail to contain radiation over a prolonged period of time.  A very useful application would be to produce potable water from water desalination plants for the state of California. 

When the Three-Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant was near core meltdown, I was startled at the slow response and proper method to resolve the pending disaster.  I stated that regardless of the high pressure in the containment building, cold water needed to be pumped in on a continuous basis, and then pumped out in order to cool down the core.  Finally the decision was made to do that, and a disaster was barely averted.  To do this should have taken no more than a few minutes, and the high-pressure buildup in the containment building could have been avoided, before it became an emergency situation.   The plant operators should have known how much pressure the containment building could withstand.   

The electricity from these new nuclear power plants can also be used to pump ocean water into electrolysis tanks to obtain hydrogen.  This would be a continuous 24/7 hydrogen processing operation.   

These new nuclear power plants then can be used to produce oil from large oil shale and tar sand deposits.  The new nuclear power plants would generate electricity, and the electricity in turn is used to produce steam heat for separating the oil from the shale and tar sands.  The steam is converted into water and is recycled to produce little or no pollution.  Any natural gas would be siphoned off and fed into the natural gas pipeline system. 

A fellow engineer in 1978 used to work on the design of nuclear power plants.  This engineer stated that the containment building had only 36-inch thick concrete walls, and there were no means for the containment of radiation, except that the containment building was made substantially larger so that the radiation dispersion from the building covers a larger area.  If a containment building used to be 80 feet in diameter, then the containment building would be increased to 120 feet in diameter.  With the enlarged containment building, the radiation measurements when taken outside the containment building now were showing lower emission readings, but in actuality, the same amount of radiation was emitted from the containment building.  This was done to fool the public into believing that the present nuclear power plants produced lower radiation emission, and was designed to be safer.   The public has to be made aware of such trickery and deceptions. 

I stated at that time that radiation will eventually penetrate 2-foot thick lead walls, and it is only a matter of time, and no materials exist with adequate density to contain radiation.  Once the radiation has reached the other side of the lead wall, the radiation will continue the dissipation at about the same rate.  The engineer agreed, and said all nuclear plants continue to release the radiation that is produced from inside the containment building, and no lead shielding is being used.   The radiation passes through the 3-foot thick concrete containment wall similar to water running through a sieve.  It is possible for people who live within approx. 100 miles downwind from a nuclear power plant to experience a higher rate of cancer.  The radiation emission from the Hanford Nuclear Waste Plant covers a very large downwind land area.  What adds to the problem is that the wind currents change direction during the summer and winter, thereby a larger down-wind land area is contaminated.  The administration and government is planning to build more nuclear power plants, and build more coal-fired power plants without adequate emission control systems.   

I just viewed the documentary “Downwinders.”  Our government conducted over 900 nuclear tests and exposed over 380,000 soldiers to radiation.  I was asked to participate in these tests, but I declined.  Many soldiers died of cancer, etc. or had long-term health problems that were also passed on to children.  Several thousand deformed babies were born in New Mexico and Texas from nuclear testing.  Many thousands of children came down with cancer and leukemia.  3,000 tons of spent uranium was used in the Gulf & Iraqi War and many of our soldiers and Iraqi civilians are infected.  At Hanford Nuclear Reservation radiation is released on a daily basis in steam plumes deliberately and by frequent accidents.  Out of 8,000 plaintiffs against the government, only 1,600 remain living.  Radiation has caused babies to be born without an arm, or with such gross physical deformities that one mother killed her newborn baby and then killed herself.  A farmer was emotional and close to tears for selling his crops for foreign consumption, but said that this was his only livelihood.  The average American already has 100-130 known carcinogens in their bodies, and the likelihood for cancer and immune deficiencies are at dangerously high levels.  It appears that the human race is on its way toward major genetic deterioration, unless many medicines, preservatives, artificial fertilizers, chemicals, and many carcinogens are eliminated. 

Ordinary oil drums were used for uranium waste and hundreds of steel drums were dumped into shallow excavations.  Hanford receives a substantial amount of rain and the uranium waste has corroded the steel drums and radiation has leached into the soil along the Columbia River.  Our government should have evacuated the entire area surrounding Hanford Nuclear Reservation by at least 70 miles downwind.  Obviously I am most reluctant to have anything to do with nuclear energy.  Perhaps radiation can be safely contained for very long periods, but if the government and nuclear corporations oppose the containment of radiation, then such actions are endangering the health of people, and should be considered criminal activities.  Regardless, extreme health measures and vigilance has to be exercised in the nuclear power industry and for the containment of radiation.  

Nuclear industry experts claim that oil energy alternatives will be too late to come on line, and several hundred nuclear power plants have to be built worldwide.  Before such decisions are made, it is necessary to calculate the total radiation emission and how much contamination is released into the atmosphere worldwide from present and future nuclear power plants.  Radioactive substances encircle the earth’s atmosphere and the contamination will increase over time and enter our food supply and every substance. The food supply is already saturated with insecticides and preservative chemicals, and many people are already experiencing many health problems.  Unless radiation can be completely contained from nuclear power plants, submarines, and all nuclear waste dumps as I have described, then nuclear power should not be considered or used, especially since remaining uranium ore deposits are estimated to last for only 20 to 30 years maximum. 


I do not want to hand over my research to some corporations, because from my continuous experience, little meaningful and reliable results can be expected from corporations.  Due to hiring of unqualified designers and outsourcing, the automobile industry has been plagued with massive recalls that cost several billion dollars.  All the industries refuse to hire highly experienced engineers and top-level professionals in order to save a few dollars, and attempt to renege on their product warranties and contracts.   

A renowned national environmental corporation was prime contractor for a large multi-million dollar project and could not meet contract schedules.  This corporation created substantial problems to delay my project, and then tried to claim that my company should pay for liquidated damages for the delay in contract schedules.  The manager of this corporation claimed that it was not technically or physically possible for me to meet contract schedules.  With long hours and absolute determination, I completed this contract on schedule to the amazement of this corporation, and this corporation was faced with liquidated damages.  Some companies and corporations deliberately delay contracts in order to collect inflated liquidated damages from sub-contractors.  I no longer can trust the corporations.   

I again request the necessary federal funding for research, development, and for the manufacture of my products on an exclusive basis with no strings attached or constraints, in order to achieve the maximum benefits for the public, businesses and industries.  All federal funding would be based on factual test results.  Anything less will not work, and will be inadequate.   

Now the world is saddled with a reportedly $17 Trillion in the supply train in order to maintain oil sufficiency for the next 25 years.  The USA presently consumes 26% of world oil production.  Does that mean that the USA should spend roughly $4.25 Trillion for the next 25 years for diminishing oil, and then there is very little remaining oil to be produced worldwide?  Is this considered a wise investment?

East Coast Radiation Contamination 1978

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