8. Hydrogen Energy – Hydrogen Regeneration


Hydrogen is the lightest of all gases.  Hydrogen is contained in all vegetables, trees and all living matter.  The Oceans contain 11% hydrogen, and inland lakes and rivers contain 10% hydrogen. Our earth has gone through many transformations over millions of years.  The basic natural elements of the earth initially produced oxygen in enough amounts that started to accumulate and encircle the earth.  With the heat of the sun, the oxygen started to move around the earth, and was heated when facing the earth, and the oxygen was cooled when moving on the backside or dark side.   Eventually the oxygen became volumous and due to the sun’s heating and the alternating cooling process, the oxygen created a wind current, and finally started the rotation of this planet Earth.  As this planet Earth started the rotation, it balanced itself so that the sun could start a regulated rotation cycle.  With the initial balancing of the Earth and rotation, the magnetic poles were established.   

As the volume of oxygen increased, the wind currents become stronger and the rotation of the earth became faster.  This became a very slow process, but with the basic elements for producing life forms on the Earth surface, plant life started to grow.  Through slow evolution, forests and microbes eventually started to take on form and shape into animals that were able to sustain themselves from vegetation and plants.  Due to natural minerals in the rock and soil, plants grew into trees and forests.  All plant life and animals required a large amount of oxygen, hydrogen, water and minerals for their existence.  When large forests covered the Earth, the present rotational or revolving speed stabilized the Earth into a 24-hour cycle, very much as it is today.  Huge animals grew abundant among such prolific vegetation such as dinosaurs and mammoths over 6 million years ago, and what we describe as pre-historic monsters.  During all this time, the molten hot core of the Earth generated such pressures and burst through the mantle or crust of the Earth, causing major eruptions and breaking the earth crust into numerous Earth Plates.  These eruptions caused huge earthquakes and compressed the earth plates with such force to produce the subduction of earth plates or create mountain ranges.  Not only do earth plates compress, but also flex and cause different types of earthquakes. 

Several large meteors hit the Earth just like on the Moon as is shown by many pockmarks from meteor impacts.  These events caused major destruction of forests and the newly formed oceans were overflowing into the valleys of other earth plates.  Such violent events shifted the Earth mass which caused the poles to switch.  The Earth had to readjust itself and find its equilibrium and its weight balance.  According to scientific research, the poles have reversed themselves 5 or 7 times.  Today both magnetic poles are not fixed in a permanent specific location, but are floating and moving on a regular basis.  This is to compensate for the shift in weight distribution of the Earth.  A recent study estimates that the North Pole will move from Canada into Siberia territory within 50 years.  The compression of some earth plates uplifted entire landmasses, while water and oceans submerged other earth plates and landmasses.  Saudi Arabia’s landmass was submerged a long time ago.  The decomposition of plants and fish produced oil rich sediment for many thousands of years.   

When these cataclysms occurred, the ocean sediments were covered with large amounts of sand and rock, which over time were compressed and produced large pools of oil deposits.  The same occurred to produce shale oil and coal, except that the coal deposits are much closer to the surface, and were produced with less compression and pressure over a long period of time.  In Germany, the coal seams are more than 3,000 feet below the surface, and the underground temperatures are very hot.  The oil companies have found oil deposits at depths of more than 13,000 feet, and now are exploring in depths of 34,000 feet with 3,500 feet being in water.


The study of mountain ranges and the edges of earth plate movements, as well as arctic regions may hold substantial oil reserves, similar to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  Saber tooth tigers were found in northern Russia, and seashells have been found high in the Himalayan Mountains.  This further proves that the earth’s poles have reversed themselves and tropical regions existed in the northern region of the Northern Hemisphere.  Some oil is unexplored, but we also should conserve oil for the many other uses such as plastics, fertilizer, etc.   

In the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, pools of oil have been found right on the surface in India.  According to an Indian engineer, the amount of these oil deposits have not been explored.  An oil pipeline of approx. 1,000 miles would be required; therefore no research exploration had been conducted.  Likewise in Guyana, a native engineer stated that oil was bubbling up in some large pools of oil, but no exploration was ever conducted.  Fractures in the rock formations may have forced the oil to the surface and formed large pools of oil. 

Future energy demand of hydrogen from ocean water would outpace present oil consumption, according to the demand by population growth that is to reach 9 billion people shortly, and according to worldwide industrialization.  Present US population growth amounts to 3 million persons annually, or approx. 30 million in 10 years.   

To date the electrolysis process has been shown to be the most effective process for large-scale production of hydrogen.  This extraction process requires electricity.  The electricity can be produced from new nuclear power plants that utilize processed (spent) uranium.  It appears that radiation can be contained by a process that I should not reveal at this time for a number of reasons.  The new nuclear power plants would be designed so that they would be operational for perhaps over 80 years, and that process should also be kept at this point out of the hands of unwanted opportunists, and for safety reasons.  This still requires actual research and development, and it looks very promising.  Obviously this is totally different than what has been done to date for nuclear power plant design and operation.   

The process of producing large amounts of hydrogen from ocean water still needs to be evaluated and developed.  The efficiency and functionality of the closed-loop hydrogen regeneration system with oxidizers also requires research and development. 

My research of radiation research started in 1984.  The US Dept. of Energy directed me to Lockheed at the nuclear facility at Hanford, Washington.  I disclosed that a process appears to be effective for containing radiation leakage from nuclear waste storage tanks.  Lockheed replied that they are not interested.  Again, I contacted the US Dept. of Energy, and they stated that Lockheed has control over the entire Hanford storage facility, and the US Dept. of Energy can be of no further assistance.  If my nuclear waste radiation containment process works, then we already have enough nuclear waste stored to satisfy the demand of nuclear power plants for the production of hydrogen, and also to produce electricity for all our present and some future electric power needs.  These nuclear power plants would be designed to be safe with all necessary safety devices for very long time operation, and minimal maintenance requirements.  Uranium and nuclear power is finite and non-renewable, and uranium deposits are expected to be depleted within 20 to 30 years.  Too many nuclear scientists have made repeated promises of solving the various nuclear power plant safety problems and waste disposal problems, but they have not done that for 50 years.  Most nuclear power plants are subjected to dangerous maintenance shortcuts, in order to maximize profits.   

Hydrogen has so many new usages and applications that will keep many scientists very busy for a long time, but first hydrogen has to be produced inexpensively and in abundance. This sounds fabulous, and as I have spent considerable research time to solve various problems, and in time everything starts to fall into place with some effort and determination.  I make it a practice not to make any false or erroneous statements, or to create false hopes.  That would be truly irresponsible, and I prefer to reduce any claims, until proven by performance.  At the same time I will not submit myself to any inquisitions by the government or so-called nuclear experts, since they have not been able to accomplish what I describe or propose.  

In the early 1960’s I knew that hydrogen atoms could not be consumed or destroyed, and hydrogen was the most important element in chemical reactions for producing energy.  The only problem was that hydrogen is the lightest gas of all chemical elements, and a substantial amount has to be concentrated or condensed in order to use it in chemical reactions to generate energy.  Hydrogen is the primary building block and accounts for approx. 75% of mass in the universe.  The oceans contain 11% hydrogen, and fresh water contains 10% hydrogen.  Oil, natural gas and methane gas all are hydrogen molecules and contain complex hydrocarbons comprising hundreds of chemical compounds.  These hundreds of chemical compounds are derived from various sea animals and creatures, as well as from the numerous vegetation and trees that contain hydrogen, carbon, fats or oil.  The abundance by weight in the earth’s crust and atmosphere, hydrogen ranks as the ninth element, and hydrogen is the third element in abundance of existing atoms.


Gasoline is formulated to reduce volatility and vapor lock, and when injected and drawn with oxygen into the cylinder of an engine during the down stroke of the piston, the gasoline is then compressed and ignited by the spark plug.  The hydrogen and oxygen gases contain smaller particles as atoms.  These atoms are made up of electrons, neutrons and protons.  The hydrogen atom consists of an electron and a neutron that are spinning in orbits around the nucleus of a proton.  The proton (nucleus) has a positive electrical charge, the orbiting neutron does not contain an electrical charge, while the electron has a large orbit, has a negative electrical charge and engulfs the neutron’s orbit, similar to a cloud.  Any electrons having a larger orbit around a nucleus (proton) contain a stronger negative electrical charge.  While the neutron acts as a buffer between the electron and the nucleus (proton), most of an atom is empty space. 

When the piston of an engine in the upstroke compresses the gasoline and oxygen, the following chemical reaction takes place before ignition occurs: 

The large amount of hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms are being compressed by the piston, and are forced to contract, while the heat from the engine generates pressure to expand the atoms.  Ordinarily, free neutron atoms orbit and maintain a neutral buffer zone that keeps the electrons in an electro-magnetic orbit and prevent the electron from crashing into the proton.   

The force and compression of the piston causes the electron atoms to contract further, and all the hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms are densely squeezed against each other that cause their electron orbits to compress and generate friction against the neutrons.  The friction is increased, and increases or reduces the normal orbit speed and the electrical charge becomes more concentrated.  The more pressure is applied by the piston, the more repulsion and friction is generated by the orbiting electrons.  The neutral neutrons and their orbits are being energized by the electrons and further compressed and squeezed upon the nucleus (proton).  When the electrons compress the neutrons until the neutrons and orbit become so thin and motionless, then collision occurs with the electrons and protons.  The friction upon the nucleus (proton) generates additional heat and electricity.   

The above process is similarly duplicated for the oxygen atoms, and when the hydrogen and oxygen atoms are sufficiently pressurized and heated, the spark plug ignites and the chemical reaction is taking place.  Slow neutron reactions are used in fission reactions, and fast neutron reactions are used in fusion reactions. Much higher temperatures and chemical elements are used for producing a nuclear reaction.  Hydrogen is not consumable.  Hydrogen cannot be used up or destroyed, but is only an element that reacts with many other chemical elements, and hydrogen is very useful for numerous chemical processes and products.  Hydrogen energy and oxygen are the most valuable resources on this planet.  Hydrogen is more valuable than oil and the supply will last for many future generations, provided we do not annihilate the human race first.  If hydrogen is regenerated through an association and dissociation process (chemical reaction), then the world has an inexhaustible energy supply that will last many centuries. 

I am also aware of a large company that has done substantial nuclear research for the government, but the government had taken away their research data and given large contracts to other large corporations, and as a result, costs have skyrocketed for nuclear power plants.  From what I have experienced, and according to present news accounts, swindling is a large part of our government’s daily operation, besides fixing and rigging elections. 

Mr. Alvin A. Snyder, a former U.S. Information Agency official states:  “American officials knew all of this was untrue. The State Department, meanwhile, informed President Reagan it was “developing on an urgent basis a public diplomacy strategy to exploit this incident.”  The Korean airliner disaster enabled the United States to put the competence of the Soviet military in considerable doubt, doing serious damage to the Kremlin’s “peace” campaign to dissuade West European NATO allies from placing upgraded American nuclear weapons aimed at the Soviet Union on their soil. Whatever worked was fair game.  “The Pentagon not only fooled the Russians, whom it knew it were monitoring such tests, into believing Star Wars worked.  It also snookered the U.S. Congress into funding Star Wars technology research with additional billions.” 

I believed that my products produce needed economic progress, prosperity, reduce defense spending, and I would eventually provide many needed opportunities for more U.S. citizens.  I strongly believed that ultimately I would succeed in spite of any imposed complications by our government, and as we were in need of major social progress.

Chemical Reaction Energy Research Letter to President Carter 1979 Page 1-2-3

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Chemical Reaction Energy Research Letter to President Carter 1979 Page 4

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Chemical Reaction Research sent to Democratic Senate and Congress 1979 Page 1&2

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Chemical Reaction Research sent to Democratic Senate and congress 1979 Page 3

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Chem. Reaction Energy - Confidential Democratic Senate & Congress  1979 Page 1&2

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Letter from U.S. Dept. of Commerce 1986


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The U.S. Dept. of Commerce sent me a REQUEST FOR EVALUATION OF AN ENERGY-RELATED INVENTION for my signature.  I was to agree to the “Disclosure to a contractor to the National Bureau of Standards having need for the information in the performance of a contract to perform evaluations of inventions and having agreed to hold the information in confidence.”  This was not acceptable to me.            

Letter from Dept. of Energy 1989  (President Bush, March, 1989) Page 1-2

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NOTE:  Some important documents from the Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon  and Ronald Reagan Administrations have disappeared which were filed away in several boxes.

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